High quality, professional and affordable veterinary care for pet owners, in a relaxed, clean and friendly modern environment.

Quick and stress free pet consultations, vaccinations and advice. Appointments are not always necessary.

Full surgical facilities with modern diagnostic equipment enabling rapid evaluation of your pets condition.

Specialist air turbine drive dental suite with ultrasonic scaling and digital radiography.

What are the main benefits


Helping dogs to return to their normal life/ work earlier, which, of course, is particularly important for police or assistance dogs, hydrotherapy can also significantly improve the quality of life for disabled and/ or older dogs. It can also be effectively used to assist in dogs overcoming hydrophobia and has been found to be beneficial for dogs with respiratory of heart problems.

Body & Fitness

Help your pets get fit, healthy and happy

Neurological conditions

Using the water treadmill is a great way of treating pets neurological conditions

Weight Loss

A great way to help your pets loose weight & stay in shape

Fractures and injuries

Stabilizing fractures and recovering from tendons or ligament injuries

Muscle Strength

Strengthening elective muscles after surgery

Arthritis and dysplasia

Great treatment for arthritis and elbow & hip dysplasia

PET Recovery Treatments

Advantages of using a water treadmill


With a hands on approach and fully transparent glass walls, you will be with your pet at all times, being able to observe and/or film the process of treatment from all sides

Improvement of muscle recruitment and patterning (particularly important for dogs needing to learn to walk again following spinal surgery)

With a very easy adjustment of water height to increase/ decrease weight-bearing and to achieve required movements, the water treadmill has a proven track record in the fast recovery of greyhounds.

Using a water treadmill we can easily adjust duration and speed to achieve optimal gait and decreased / increased exercise levels to improve fitness.

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“Quality Care is not Expensive, it’s Priceless.“


Consultations & Vaccinations

Initial, second opinion and routine consultations & periodic vaccinations.

Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostics and MRI scanning, retired and racing working dogs/greyhounds included.

Treatments & Therapies

Acupuncture, Dentistry, Radio Therapies and Hydrotherapy.


Pet Surgery & Neutering

Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery and Neuterings.

24 / 7 Emergency Line

Emergencies by appointment 24 hours / 7days, home treatments available too.

Overnight Supervision

Boarding kennels for recovering animals.

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Best Quality Pet Care

We provide quality, professional & affordable veterinary care in a relaxed, clean and friendly modern environment.

Emergency Appointments 24 / 7

Please do not hesitate to telephone 01895 271444 for more information or an informal discussion of your requirements.

Affordable Pricing

We have a straightforward and transparent pricing policy and aim to be extremely competitive.

Home Visiting Service

We offer a visiting service for all our patients, and can perform a wide range of treatments within your home

Full Surgical Facilities

We have modern diagnostic equipment for rapid evaluation & treatment with the latest medical & surgical techniques.

Great Discount Scheme

We have a great discount scheme for multiple pet owners and free of charge treatments for wild animals.

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